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Everything You Need to Know About Among Us Vocabulary

Did you know that video games are great for language learning? Many studies have shown that video games can provide practice in all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), create meaningful context for language use and encourage learners to interact. Today we’re going to take a look at  Among Us, game that breaks all grammar rules!

Why people use weird language in Among Us?

Among Us is all about quick interaction; you’ve got no time to waste! That’s why many players tend to use brief abbreviations, which area shortened form of a word or phrase, incomplete sentences and, of course, slang. Among Us is not an exception; many Online video games use this short informal speech!

Among Us Vocabulary:
  1. Abbreviations:
  • Afk: away from keyboard; a phrase used to show that the player is away from the keyboard doing other short real-life actions
  • Brb: be right back; similar to afk
  • Gg: good game; a phrase used at the end of each game to cheer.
  • Idk: I don’t know
  • Imp: imposter; a person who pretends to be a crewmember in order to kill and sabotage
  • Sus: suspicious; a suspicious person is someone who you don’t trust because they’re acting weird; you believe they’re the imposter

2. Other words and phrases used in Among US:

  • Who? used instead of saying “who is suspicious” or “who has killed”
  • Where? used instead of saying “where was the body found?”
  • Y: spell letter Y and you get… Why?
  • Sabotage (verb): to damage or destroy equipment; for instance, to sabotage the lights 
  • Comms (noun):  communications; the name for both a room in the game maps as well as a common task you have to do.
  • Visual task: tasks that other players can see being performed
  • Vent: if you say vent/vented during the game (e.g. red vented) you believe they’re using venting, an ability that allows imposters to travel and hide around the map.

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